Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can’t sell to customers who can’t find you. As our core offering, SEO services work to make you the first company customers find when they’re in a buying mood.

You need the right keywords and links to outperform the competitors You need the best strategy - and a dedicated team - that works for you.

When you work with Lai Metals you’re tapping into a team of Expert Digital Marketers, who care as much as outperforming competition as you do.

We hate coming second – so we’ve built scalable, repeatable processes to handle every part of an SEO campaign that will get you on the first page and help you stay there.

Its accountable SEO done right.


SEO Audits

Know the problems keeping you from crushing the competition. We dig into your code, evaluate your content, analyse your backlinks and weigh up the competition to show you exactly what you need to do to improve your rankings and traffic.

Strategy & Execution

Work with a team of SEO experts and a strategy tailored to you. From keyword research and technical fixes to content creation and link building, we’ll map out a strategy based on solid data – then implement everything on your behalf.
Meaningful Real-Time Reporting

Never wonder how your investment is paying off. With our real-time client reporting app, you can track your progress as it happens. Your dedicated account manager is always available to answer questions, give updates and recommend the next steps to take.