Director Message

As Lai Metals celebrates its 15th anniversary, we see the rewards of hard work, long-term planning and a constant commitment to excellence bearing fruit.  The company has grown from strength to strength, and I would like to especially thank our dedicated employees for their contribution. In the services industry, the people representing the company are its most valuable asset. We care about our fellow team members, the company and the customers we serve.  We have talent, integrity, dedication and commitment.

In the 10 years, Lai Metals has grown from a single-person outfit to one with a total workforce of 200, including office staff. We have also diversified our business activity portfolio and expanded geographically. Today, Lai Metals is a market leader in each of the business areas it is operating in.

Lai Metals expects to continue growing rapidly in its business portfolio and through expansion in the region.  We are able to do so because over the last decade, we have built a name for ourselves by focusing on customer service, innovation and superior service deliverability. As a progressive organization, we are continuously on the lookout for expansion opportunities in our goal to serve our customers in a synergistic manner.

Lai Metals stands tall today, having built a position as a recognized service provider with an excellent reputation.  We will strive to uphold the same principles that have brought us success as we move forward to another era of growth.

Mr. Kavin